Province 2 Public Service Commission Vacancy:


The Province Public Service Commission of Province No. 2, Janakpurdham, Nepal, has published an advertisement for open and inclusive competitive written examination for technical and non-technical posts in various service groups for local government services.

Applications are invited from the qualified candidates for competitive examination for an internal competition, open competition and inclusive competition in the various service, group, subgroup, and level posts of the local government service to be filled. Candidates who have reached the specified minimum qualification can download the application form from the Commission’s website, get all the required educational qualification documents and other necessary documents in the file, fill up all the details in the cover of the file and submit the application form at the specified place.

The candidates selected from the Province Public Service Commission of Province No. 2 competitive examination will be appointed at the local level according to the order of priority. Candidates recommended from this Province Public Service Commission of Province No. 2 will be given permanent appointments by the concerned local level. Terms of service and salary and other facilities shall be in accordance with the prevailing law.

The Province 2 Public Service Commission Vacancy for Technical and non-technical Services details is as below:


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