Nepal Telecom Job Vacancy | NTC Job Vacancy 2079

Nepal Telecom Job Vacancy NTC Job Vacancy
Nepal Telecom Job Vacancy NTC Job Vacancy

There has been a notice regarding Nepal Telecom Job Vacancy 2079 for various posts in technical, engineering, administration, account. This NTC Job Vacancy 2079 will be fulfilled through written and interview examinations conducted by LokSewa. To apply for this Nepal Telecom Job Vacancy, you can apply online through or and fill out all the required documents, pay necessary fess online and submit the form.

Read Nepal Telecom NTC Syllabus for various positions and posts in details.

Some major points regarding Nepal Telecom Job Vacancy 2079 are given below:

NTC Job Vacancy Advertisement date: 2079-11-12

NTC Job Vacancy Last date: 2079-12-02

NTC Job Vacancy double fee date: 2079-12-09

The details about vacant posts and number of positions for NTC Job Vacancy 2079 is shown below.

क्र.सं.बिज्ञापन नंपदसेवा/समूहतहसंख्या
१.५०/२०७९/८०उप-प्रबन्धक (टेलिकम)प्राबिधिक – टेलिकम
२.५१/२०७९/८०बरिष्ठ इन्जिनियर (टेलिकम)प्राबिधिक – टेलिकम
५२/२०७९/८०बरिष्ठ लेखा अधिकृतप्रशासन – लेखा
५३/२०७९/८०टेलिकम इन्जिनियर(इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स & कम्युनिकेशन)प्राबिधिक – टेलिकम१०
५४/२०७९/८०टेलिकम इन्जिनियर(कम्प्युटर)प्राबिधिक – टेलिकम
५५/२०७९/८०टेलिकम इन्जिनियर(इलेक्ट्रिकल)प्राबिधिक – टेलिकम
५६/२०७९/८०इन्जिनियर (सिभिल)प्राबिधिक – सिभिल
५७/२०७९/८०सहायक लेखा अधिकृतप्रशासन – लेखा
५८/२०७९/८०सहायक प्रशासकिय अधिकृतप्रशासन – प्रशासन
१०५९/२०७९/८०सहायक व्यापार अधिकृतप्रशासन – प्रशासन
११६०/२०७९/८०टेक्निसियनप्राबिधिक – प्राबिधिक११
१२६१/२०७९/८०सहायकप्रशासन – प्रशासन११
१३६२/२०७९/८०जुनियर टेक्निसियनप्राबिधिक – प्राबिधिक१७
Details about Nepal Telecom NTC Job Vacancy 2079-80

The details of this Nepal Telecom Job Vacancy 2079-80 can be found here.


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